Professional Support

We have a team of specialist development workers who are available to provide support to professionals and offer specialist support to Carers.

Our areas of specialism are:


-          To talk to professional teams with regard to the support and services we can offer to Carers of People with poor mental health

-          To work with professionals to deliver training and information sessions to Carers

-          To attend relevant strategic meetings to ensure 2 way communication between Carers and professionals and to ensure Carers are consulted (where possible) on changes in service provision

-          To work with Tees Esk Wear Valley (TEWV) Mental Health Trust on implementing Triangle of Care

-          Provide specialist support and advice to Carers who are struggling to cope due to the complexity of their caring role

-          To work in partnership with other Organisations across Co Durham to develop referral pathways and joint working relations to benefit Carers.


Durham County Carers Support recognises the need for targeted support for Carers of adults with a Learning Disability. We work directly with Carers providing them with specialist information, support and advice and also work with agencies to develop the following:-

Raising awareness of the specialist Carer Support available by:-

-          Attending team meetings

-          Delivering workshops

-          Working with professionals on a one to one basis

-          Provide regular newsletters and information

Promote and facilitates 2 way communication between Carers and professionals by –

-          Having a central point of contact for professionals

-          Keeping Carers informed on changes in services,

-          Attending relevant strategic meetings

-          Acting as an informal advocate for Carers who request support at meetings

-          Facilitating relevant consultations to ensure Carers voices are heard

-          Developing partnerships with agencies to offer joint working including training , events and activities for Carers

-          Identifying gaps in services for LD Carers and producing reports and ensure this information is shared with relevant agencies



We work in partnership with Health & Social Care professionals to improve services and support for Carers

GP Practices - we provide

-          Carer awareness training for practice staff

-          Carer awareness Events at surgeries to help identify Carers

-          Links with practices and outside agencies

-          Carer information, such as posters and leaflets

-          A quick and efficient way for surgeries to refer Carers (Carer prescription pad available)

-          Support to Carers to encourage registration on practice Carers Register

We encourage all GP surgeries to support their patients that are Carers, to help practices do this we encourage the use of the guide ‘supporting Carers’ produced by (RCGP) in partnership with The Carers Trust. This document can be downloaded at


Hospital can be a key trigger point in someone’s caring journey.  Quite often caring responsibilities increase following a hospital admission with patient discharge being crucial to their Carer.

The amount of information shared with the Carer, the degree of choice about taking on Caring responsibilities and the level of planning and services all directly affect Carers health, wellbeing, income, ability to care and quality of life.

Research shows that 25% of hospital re-admissions are caused by Carer breakdown.  Early help and support, at the point of discharge, from Durham County Carers Support can often prevent Carer breakdown.

We urge NHS professionals to involve Carers in all discharge plans and discussions.


We have links  with Social Care Teams to provide support and information regarding the support available to Carers in Co Durham

We offer Social Care Teams

-          help to improve support to Carers, by attending team meetings, training, and events

-          support to identify a Carers lead in any team who can receive current information and a quarterly newsletter, ensuring that team members are kept up to date with current services and support available for Carers


We welcome working with agencies to support Carers who wish to stay in work or return to work


Carers are quite often the person who administers and monitors medication for the person they care for.

Pharmacies are well placed to identify Carers in the local area and inform them of the support and advice available from Durham County Carers Support.

Carer related training is now available for pharmacies

Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) – FREE online Carer awareness learning resources on their Learning pharmacy website.  The interactive bite sized learning challenges can be accessed by everyone without the need to log in

Other training offered by CPPE can provide greater insight into certain conditions and diseases e.g. dementia

Pharmacies – we provide:-

  • Presentations to Team Meetings/training and events to explain how we can support Carers
  • Quarterly newsletters to keep pharmacy staff up to date on current events/training/support available to Carers
  • e- bulletins for pharmacies


Parent Carer Needs Assessment

Durham County Carers Support has the responsibility for completing the Parent Carer Needs Assessment for parents of children with additional needs in Co Durham.  The assessment takes a couple of hours to complete and assesses the effect the caring role is having on the Carers physical health, mental wellbeing and ability for Parent to pursue their own interests, employment or education.  Following the assessment an action plan is produced to meet any identified needs.

Parent Carer Development

We currently receive Big Lottery funding to provide additional support to Parent Carers 

We aim to:-

-          Reduce social isolation for Parents of children with additional needs

-          Improve financial capability

-          Improve Parents knowledge and information about services and support available to meet their individual needs

-          Support parents to overcome barriers that prevent them from looking after themselves

-          Support Parents to take a break (when needed)

-          Work with Parent Carers and other agencies to ensure they are seen as the expert partner in the care of their child and are given the recognition they deserve

-          Work with other voluntary and statutory agencies to develop joint working arrangements along with groups, training and workshops to benefit Parent Carers

The Parent Carer Development workers welcome partnership working with relevant professionals and also provide information support and advice to parents currently experiencing difficulties in their caring role.