Carer Support

Catherine Cowans

Catherine Cowans, Carer Support Coordinator

"We offer one to one personal support in your home or at a mutual location, where ever is most comfortable for you. We tailor our support to meet your needs"

"We can give you specialist advice and information about your caring role, whatever your circumstances. It might be benefit advice, completing forms or Carers' breaks. We try to empower the Carer by offering training opportunities so that they can have their own voice."

Helen Mills Carer Support Coordinator

Helen Mills Carer Support Coordinator

"We offer a listening ear without prejudice. Sometimes Carers don’t have anyone else they can talk to and it is a relief for them to talk to someone who understands them. Many Carers can feel isolated and often they neglect their own health; we encourage Carers to think about themselves".

Jackie Young

Jackie Young, Senior Carer Support Coordinator

"We inform and encourage Carers to join Support Groups that are available in their area. We have over 20 groups around the County. Some Carers have made good friends from these groups; they are informal and friendly and give Carers a chance to be with people who understand them"

Steve Gillgallon, Carer Support Coordinator

Steve Gillgallon, Carer Support Coordinator

“We make sure Carers access all agencies and services that might benefit them in their caring role. Not everyone knows where to look, or how to find these services; we make sure they know what’s out there".

"We like to ask Carers to have a say about the services they receive. From time to time we provide Carers with the opportunity to have an input into our service provision via surveys and consultations".


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