My name is Jan Burden and I am the Health and Social Care Development Worker at DCCS. My role is to work with Health and Social Care professionals to raise awareness of our service and work in partnership to improve services for Carers.


Nobody knows the patient better than their carer because they witness the habits and behaviours of the person they care for and, quite often they administer and monitor medication.

Perhaps you could include them when conducting your patient MUR.

Working in a pharmacy means you will be well-placed to identify carers in the local area who might benefit from access to the support and advice available from Durham County Carers Support. It is so important to find these carers, and to make sure they are told about the range of help available. Pharmacies are based at the heart of the local community, and used by nearly everyone on a regular basis therefore you are in an ideal position to be aware of somebody who might be regularly picking up those prescriptions for somone and if so, please them if they are looking after somebody and if so, tell them about the help they can get that they might not otherwise know about.

Training and other resources

Carer related training is available, such as that from the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE). CPPE has carer-awareness learning resources on their Learning Pharmacy website, which is a free, online learning environment that provides learning activities for the whole community pharmacy team. It has fun and interactive bite-sized learning challenges that can be accessed by everyone without the need to log in.

CPPE also has a number of other training programmes, on certain conditions and diseases, for example, dementia, which may allow pharmacists and their teams to gain greater background knowledge and give a higher level of support to Carers. A list of programmes and assessments can be viewed on the CPPE website (please note you will need to be registered with CPPE to access these).

Jan Burden -Health and Social Care Development Worker

Using the contact details below you can:

  • Invite us to come along to your team meetings/training/events to explain how we can help you to support Carers
  • Ask to receive our quarterly carers’ newsletters
  • Receive our e- bulletins, which are designed especially for Pharmacy

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