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My name is Jan Burden and I am the Health and Social Care Development Worker at DCCS. My role is to work with Health and Social Care professionals to raise awareness of our service and work in partnership to improve services for Carers.

Hospital can be a key trigger point in someone’s caring journey. People may become Carers in a hospital setting, or they may see their caring responsibilities increase following a hospital admission as a result of a fall, or similar incident. The point at which a patient is discharged is crucial to their Carer. The amount of information shared with a Carer, the degree of choice about taking on caring responsibilities and the level of planning and services all directly affect the carers’ health, well-being, income, ability to care and quality of life.

From experience, we know that if Carers can be introduced to our service at the point of someone’s discharge; our help can often prevent a Carer from reaching a crisis.

Research has shown that 25% of hospital re-admissions are caused by Carer breakdown so we urge you to involve Carers in all discharge plans and discussions.

DCC Information for carers when someone is being discharged from hospital
NHS commitment to carers

Job Centre Plus

We want to work with agencies such as Job Centre Plus to support Carers wanting either: to stay in work; or return to work. To find out more about working in partnership with us get in touch.

Carers UK information booklet Supporting working Carers

Jan Burden -Health and Social Care Development Worker

Using the contact details below you can:

  • Invite me to come along to your team meetings/training/events to explain how we can help you to support Carers
  • Ask to receive the quarterly carers’ newsletters
  • Find out more about the support available by phone or email conversation
  • Receive our half-yearly bulletins, which are designed especially for Social Care Practitioners
  • Request the direct contact details of the Carer Support Coordinator 

Jan Burden - 0191 500 6034 jan.burden@dccarers.org