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Our Counsellors create a comfortable non-judgmental environment that is characterised by the counsellor being genuine, displaying empathy and having an acceptance of the person regardless of   circumstance. The result is that the client gains better coping skills and confidence through various techniques.

While DCCS tries to accommodate all our Carers' needs, there are times when, unfortunately, we will be unable to offer  sessions, most commonly in the cases of issues that are entirely separate from the caring role, or Carers who are suffering with clinical depression and those who have experienced historical sexual abuse. In this instance DCCS would signpost Carers to the most appropriate service that would be much more specialised in these issues.

Please note that the counselling service is not a replacement, substitute or addition to mental health or psychiatric services. Therefore, if Carers are currently undergoing counselling or   therapy, it is suggested that this is completed with the current practitioner and that a period of reflection is left before seeking  further sessions from DCCS.

If you think you would benefit from support from one of our Counsellors please contact your Carer Support Coordinator or call 0300 005 1213.